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Graphic designer, lover of digital media, advertising, visualisation and branding.



I am Luke Taylor and this website is here to impress you so much that you'll feel compelled into either paying me to create things or give me a job!


I am a recent university graduate looking for graduate level positions in the advertising industry, whilst also currently working as a freelance graphic designer.


Please take a look at some examples of my portfolio and experience below by clicking on the image tiles and flicking through the slideshow graphics that will appear in this window. You can also find links to my resumé and email address at the top, as well as all my social sites.


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In a Nutshell...


I love advertising, design, coffee, infographics, The Chive, Mexican food, whiskey, Regina Spektor, Mulgore, Trailer Park Boys, Man Utd & winter.


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I Love Advertising!


I’ve known for years that I want a career in advertising, particularly in account management. I love the idea of being involved in all stages of the creative process, being the linchpin to keep everything running smoothly and seeing projects come together. I want to create things, see what works, what doesn't, and have fun in the process.


I have built strong client handling skills from developing a personal freelance design business that depends on communication, attention to detail, professionalism and my understanding of both design and client languages. I have the self-confidence to implement strategies, take ideas from concept to execution, and lead others.


I follow key authorities, regularly blog about the advertising world and particularly love branding, digital design and data visualisation. I am excited by the prospect of starting a career in a dynamic industry where one day is never the same as the next.

Take a look at my online resumé right here or check out my LinkedIn profile here.

The cv icon in the navigation bar above will also take you to a PDF at any time, which you can also download.

''Luke worked for me for an intense project to upgrade our digital channels across web publishing, social media and SEO. I was very impressed with his creative and technical skills, and his client management and educator capabilities. He confidently and reliably vastly improved our online presence and adapted fast to changing deadlines. If I could hire him again I certainly would!''


Alistair Starling | National Trust North Lakes General Manager

''Luke has proved invaluable whilst working in the Digital Humanities Centre here at Nottingham. His high level of skill in all graphic design software not only enabled him to provide advice and hands-on assistance to staff and students, but also to produce professional, stylish, cutting edge print and web-designs in a timely fashion. Moreover, he is proactive, reliable and- most importantly to the advisory and educational aspects of the role- approachable and responsive to any enquiry or problem.''


Matt Davies | Digital Humanities Centre Manager, The University of Nottingham

''Luke has delivered excellent services for the Digital Humanities Centre: he has great creative imagination, an excellent eye for print and web designs, and very strong skills in all current design software. He is very proactive and well-organised; he did an extremely good job at advising staff, students and external partners how best to put their content into publishable shape; and on many occassions he project-managed from idea to final product.''


Katharina Lorenz | Associate Professor, The University of Nottingham

''Luke Taylor is an extremely talented and efficient graphic designer. The Design Editor is perhaps one of the most time-consuming roles at Impact, and during his tenure, Luke went above and beyond the call of duty to produce high quality designs on schedule. Considering that he was also doing a few odd jobs for the Students' Union and other organisations, and dealing with the commitments of a part-time Masters degree at the same time, I can say without a doubt that he is very proficient at managing his time. Luke is one of the most creative people I know and that clearly shows in his innovative designs. He made an absolutely invaluable contribution to Impact and thanks to his hard work, the graphic design was clearly one of the best aspects of the magazine.''


Eric John | Editor-in-Chief at IMPACT Magazine

''Luke and I worked as a team to design Impact Magazine. He is talented, creative, and extremely detailed. He works extraordinarily hard at anything he is passionate about, particularly design. He is always willing to teach others, but is also constantly striving to learn more, both on his own and from others. I would work with Luke on other projects in a heartbeat.''


Elise Silsby | Design Editor at IMPACT Magazine

''Luke was a fantastic team-mate to work with at Impact. He fully grasped that PR and Design needed to work together to fully advertise the magazine to the best of our abilities. Confident, professional and highly skilled, Luke's work drew praise from everyone who saw the magazine. His abilities range over multiple formats, and I have no doubt whatsoever that he will go on to do great things..''


Deborah Murtha | PR Secretary at IMPACT Magazine

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